Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Carmel Neighborhood Summary For 2011 (Woodfield)

Woodfield has been one of the more active neighborhoods over the past several years despite the slowdown.  There was still definable growth in 2011 which is a great sign.  In 2011 there were 13 closed sales (10 in 2010).  The high sale was $525,000 in 2011 ($515,000 in 2010).  The low sale in Woodfield in 2011 was $428,569 ($418,050 in 2010).  While Woodfield didn't show the level of recovery in 2011 that some east Carmel neighborhoods did, that was primarily due to the fact that 2010 was not nearly as challenging for Woodfield as it was for other areas.  If you'd like a complete itemization for all Woodfield closed sales for 2011 you can email us HERE.