Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Carmel Neighborhood Summary For 2011 (Lakes At Hazel Dell)

The Lakes At Hazel Dell also showed some great recovery in 2011 with 13 closed home sales (13 also in 2010).  The high sale in 2011 was $402,000 ($385,000 in 2010).  The lowest sale was $255,000 in 2011 ($202,000 in 2010).  The average sale price in 2011 was $343,392 versus 2010 when the average sale was $321,773.  For the Lakes it was all about value growth versus numbers of homes sold.  Lower end inventory was weeded out in 2010 and based on that we should continue to see growth in the Lakes in 2012.  If you'd like a complete itemization of homes sold in 2011 in the Lakes you can email us HERE.