Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Carmel Neighborhood Summary For 2011 (Avian Glen)

Avian's closed sales in 2011 reflect a better overall market.  In 2011 there were 14 sales (7 in 2010) with a high sales price of $470,000 compared to $$448,000 in 2010.  The low Avian sales price in 2011 was $295,000 versus $291,000 in 2010.  The average sales price actually slipped a bit for a specific reason.  In 2011 the ASP in Avian was $357,664 versus just over $378,000 in 2010 HOWEVER the sample size and units sold in '10 were very skewed because of fewer units at aberrational high pricing.  Fear not Avian.....2011 was good year for your values and 2012 is well on the way to being strong as well.  If you'd like a complete itemization of closed sales in 2011 you can email us HERE.