Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Carmel Neighborhood Summary For 2011 (Trails At Avian Glen)

The Trails, like many east Carmel neighborhoods showed promising growth in 2011.  There were 8 closed sales in 2011 versus 5 in 2010.  The high sales price for the Trails in 2011 was $421,000 ($430,000 in 2010).  The low sale in Avian this past year was $342,000 ($327,000 in 2010).  The average sale price in 2011 for the Trails was $374,563 (versus $359,111 in 2010).  In summary the Trails homes have one of the more in demand sets of floor plans in east Carmel.  If a home has proper updates in the Trails, it can usually demand great returns in the overall market. If you'd like to see the entire itemization for the Trails in 2011 you can email us HERE.